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We are here to offer an affordable way to provide a virtual health and wellness platform to your residents.

Garner aggregates the Health and Wellness programs your residents need to live independently, within your vibrant community. You can use our existing basic platform or curate your own from our expansive features list.

Garner's Branded Platform has a flexible interface that allows you to customize your own app. Integrating your existing programs with specific features of Garner's to provide your residents with a Modern Aging Experience. We aggregate the lifestyle management pieces you need to optimize your staffing resources and delegate the care assistance residents need to trusted professionals nearby. Thus, giving aging adults the resources and assistance to live independently longer.

Concierge Wellness

Each resident will have a personal nurse that will help residents coordinate care, appointments, prescription refills, mental health, and referrals.

Patient and Nurse

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our staff will be able to perform remote patient monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse ox, weight readings, ext). This will provide our care givers with the information they need to deliver the best care possible.

Doctor's Visit

Annual Well Visits/ Physicals and Flu Shots

Onsite immunizations, well visits, vaccinations, and boosters will be available for those as needed.

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Telehealth Services

Residents will have access to telehealth with a health care provider that can coordinate with local doctors and pharmacies to provide the most efficient care possible.

Mobile Screen

On-Site Doctors and NP's

 We will have an onsite doctor or nurse practitioner on staff making rounds to check in on residents needs in-between doctors' visits.


Access to Therapists

We have partnered with Fox Rehabilitation for all your therapy needs.

Senior Therapy


Our software and design team will work with you to customize software, apps, or tablets for your staff and residents. Some of the services we can offer with our software are event management, meal menu's, meal ordering, contact staff, group chats, tele health, your medical home, therapy referrals, rsvp's, scheduling, and more.

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